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Noon Ball Runs


Looking for somewhere to hoop during your lunch break? Well we have the perfect opportunity for you. We will have a noon ball runs every Monday and Wednesday starting October 5th. 



When: Monday and Wednesday 

Time: 11:30am-1:30pm 

Who: Men ages 18 and up 

Where: Network Gym  805 N Harlem Ave Sioux Falls, SD

Cost:$35 a month includes 8 two hours runs per month. That’s less than $5 per run. 

Register @

You can Venmo or Cash App we also accept cash

Cash app-$SDNBALL


Rules and Regulations 

•We will do temperature checks so if you are feeling sick please stay home. 

•We will not allow spectators so please don’t bring anyone with you to the gym because we will not let them in. 

•Please bring your own water bottles or drinks. The water fountains will only be used for refills. We also have vending machine available. 

•We will have sign up sheets for everyone to sign up to play. (The only person you can sign up is yourself). (THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED)

•We will use two courts to play. We will have a winners court and loser court. 

•The Winner on the Loser court will move to the winner court. The Loser of the winner court will play a extra game. If you lose two games in row on the loser court then a whole new 10 comes in. On the Winners court you if you win you stay. The losers on the winners court have to sign up again and start back on the losers court. 

•Games will be played to 15 by 2’s and 3’s. No win by 2 first team to 15 wins. 

•No arguing will be tolerated. We understand there will be disagreements but let’s handle like adults. 

•The gym will be open at 11:15 for you to get ready to play. 


Thanks You!

South Dakota Network Basketball Staff


Please direct questions to:

Sean Ladd